Spanish grass-fed iberian shoulder P.D.O. Guijuelo


Obtained from the front legs of iberian pigs fed with grain and bred in liberty

Hernandez Jimenez products meet the highest quality standars thanks to more than 20 months of curation in natural drying places where a simple but effective ventilation process, due to the unique climate of the area, helps for the perfect curation of our products.


  • Packaging & shiping Iberico pata negra ham and shoulder comes packaged in a cardboard box wrapped in fat-absorbent paper with a white cloth casing

  • caja jamón

  • cut: Obtained from the front legs of iberian pigsParte Paleta

  • Breed: Free range pigs fed with grain and legumes .

  • Color: Intense red- purple color with bright fat stripes.

  • Smell and Taste:pata negra shoulder slightly salty, with a hint of sweetness, delicate with a pleasant aroma.

  • Texture: not very fibrous, very tender

  • Best Before: We recommend eating your spanish ham within 6 months after delivery..

  • Curing: Spanish Shoulders with 20 months minimun.

  • Pork Breed:Breeding from 100%iberian and duroc.

Buy online spanish shoulder ham is the best choice if you are looking for a good quality / price relationship.

This patanegra shoulders are certified by HYCER acording to the spanish iberico laws.

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