Buy Spanish pata negra ham online. Best prices in iberian hams, direct sell from producer in Guijuelo (Salamanca)

Our spanish pata negra hams are produced in Guijuelo with the experience and know-how of ham experts and the special climate of the región. During the 48 months of maturation the hams remains in natural drying chambers to complete a natural proces started with free range pigs. PDO Guijuelo offers a hight quality hams, based on the controls in the farms and the inspections at the producers.

Our best sellers

Spanish pata negra Ham are made out of free range Iberian pigs fattened on acorns , the perfect climate of Guijuelo, located 1.000 meters above sea level, in the surroundings of the Gredos mountains, offer us the perfect conditions, so that our products are cured in a slow and natural process thanks to the cold climate. This traditional curing process is responsible for the great quality and exquisite flavours of our Iberico Jamon, which makes a great difference when compared to products from other regions..

The drying sheds ("secaderos") are where all of our spanish ham spend most of the drying process benefiting from the heat that spring and summer provide

Opening or closing windows is the only method used to benefit from the extraordinary climatic conditions..

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