Iberico Loin

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  • Acorn fed Iberico Loin Hernandez Jimenez

    The Acorn Fed Hernandez Jimenez Ibérico Loin is a dry cured meat that is made in true artisanal fashion from a whole piece corresponding to the lumbar muscle.

    It is known for a powerful and fragrant aroma, a slight maroon and ashy colour with a very well-defined shine and a mild paprika flavour with hints of land and the smoking process. An irresistible Hernandez Jimenez delicacy.

    4 Months Curing

    Weight:1.2 Kg Learn More

  • Iberian Loin Hernandez Jimenez

    Known for its sublime tenderness and quality, the most delicious artisan lomo ibérico, (Iberico Loinc) . Pork loin is the piggy equivalent to the fillet or tenderloin cut of beef

    Natural spices like paprika and pepper are used in the traditional production of this delicatessen

    Weight: 1.2 kg Learn More

2 Item(s)

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