Buying high quality Cured "Serrano" Ham on internet

Jamón de Guijuelo

You can find the highest quality Cured "Serrano" Hams on internet , just as if you were buying them directly from the factory`s store , but it`s always important to now where and what warranties the store offers.

The facts we provide are meant to help you purchase Cured "Serrano" Ham easily and safely via internet.


An important fact is the price , if it´s the first time you purchase Cured "Serrano" Ham on internet , you should visit several reference sites to compare and get a good idea about prices . It`s important to remember that nobody gives you something for nothing , so always rate carefully the meaning of a low price.

Always remember that you can save money on comissions , transport and storage by buying the product directly.

Jamonarea sends Cured "Serrano" Ham straight from our factory to your home, so you won´t have any problems with storage or delivery.


When ordering Cured "Serrano" Ham , it´s very important to find out about the sending date of the package, the delivery method , the kind of packing used and the estimated delivery date.

These facts are very important during food shipments and are essential in the delivery process to guarantee perfect conservation of the product.

From Jamonarea we send our products through a transport agency therefor you will receive your product in 48 hours  or less . Our products arrive in perfect condition because we send our Cured "Serrano" Ham in a white cover slip which preserves the properties of our product and also inside a box so that it won´t get damaged during shipment.

Payment methods

The form of payment is always a concern for online buyers , so make sure that the form of payment and who certifies it is very clear.

In Jamonarea you can pay with a credit or debit card through a secure internet server. We think it`s the most convenient system for everyone and , to the contrary of what people think , your purchase is safer than in stores.

About the product

In Jamonarea whe have chosen a selection of our best cuality Cured "Serrano" Hams to provide you only with the best service.

There are two quality classes:

1.Jamón Ibérico de bellota - Range fattened on acorns ("bellotas" in Spanish), and marked with a red band.
2.Jamón Ibérico - Range fattened on acorns ("bellotas" in Spanish), diet supplemented with commercial feed, and marked with a green band.