Frequently asked questions

Is an Iberian ham better than one of "Black leg"(Pata negra)?

No, actually they are the same . The term "Black leg" is a commercial term used to inform about the products quality.

Which is better , an acorn-fed Iberian ham or an Iberian ham fed on commercial feed?Why?

The acorn-fed Iberian ham is the best quality having been fattened only with acorns while the other kind has also been fed commercial feed. Perhaps the farm doesn´t have enough oaktrees (tree that produces acorns) or they aren´t good enough quality. Therefor not all commercially fed hams are the same.

Do I buy an Iberian ham with or without Denomination of Origen ( D.O.)?

Buying an Iberian ham with denomination of origen ( D.O.) implies that a person not associated with our factory has established that the ham you have bought complies with some rules and regulations in its elaboration and composition that guarantee its quality.

Is an Iberian ham better the longer it is cured?

An Iberian ham should be 24 to 36 months approximatly to acheive an optimal curation, and an Iberian foreleg should be 18 to 28 months curing in the warehouse. These times may vary depending on the size of the ham/foreleg.

How do I conserve an Iberian ham in my home?

You should always keep it in a fresh and dry place always avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures . Once it has been started its important to cover the cut part with the first fat pieces removed and a cover.

What´s the difference in flavour between an Iberian ham and an Iberian foreleg?

There isn´t much difference in flavour between an Iberian ham and an Iberian foreleg. Since the Iberian ham is bigger it has less fat in it and more meat this makes for bigger slices. The Iberian foreleg is good because it can be eaten faster without having to worry so much about conservation.

I just purchased an Iberian ham and it look´s very cured on one side and very soft on the other, is this normal?

This is something very normal , this just means that the curing process has been completed.

I just opened the Iberian ham and it has mold on it, is this normal?

This mold is formed due to the curing process, a ham in these conditions isn´t bad. You just need to wipe off the moldy part with olive oil and a cloth.

Are our products Sugar Free?

During the elaboration of our products we use sugars, so they are not recommended for people that may react adversely to sugar.

How does paying with a credit card work?

If you choose to pay using a credit card ( Visa or MasterCard ), the next info will be required:

- Credit card number.

- Cardholder.

- Expiration date.

- CVV (security code on the back of the card).

- Billing address (if its different than the receibers address,for example; in case it´s a gift).

As soon as your purchase is confirmed, Nuevedostres Imagen Salamanca S.L. will start processing your payment.

Can I modify or cancel my purchase?

Yes, but this has to be done before your shipment has been sent. You will be notified with and e-mail when your shipment has been sent, any changes you want to make ( including cancelling your purchase) have to be made before that . We recommend a phone call for faster response .