Steps to cutting Iberian ham

Corte del jamón paso 1

Step 1:

Place the Ham with the hoof facing up making sure you have a good fixation on the board. If you are going to consume in one day remove the outer peeling and ham fat. Otherwise and outline should be cleaned as it is sliced .

Corto del jamón paso 2

Step 2:

With a broad knife, remove the outer rind and subcutaneous fat and give a deep cut in the cane. From this cut, with the ham knife start to extract slices of the mace, which is the thickest part of the ham. It is advisable to combine in each serving slices of the central part, with some of the tip and shank.

Corto del jamón paso 3

Step 3:

The slices should be small and as thin as possible. The direction of the cut should be uniform, either to the hoof or down. As a safety measure, make sure the blade isn´t facing towards you.

Corto del jamón paso 4

Step 4:

Upon reaching the hip bone, make a cut using the lace around the bone so that subsequent slices are cut clean out of the area. The meat attached to bone is cut into strips and irregular pieces called "taquitos."

Step 5:

Having exhausted the mace, turn the ham around . With the hoof facing down, perform the same operation with the contramaza, down to the bone.


Tips to consider when cutting ham:


It takes three knives. A wide blade, strong knife for preparation and cleaning of the ham. Another elongated, with a narrow and flexible blade for the removal of the slices. A third short and strong for when it comes to cutting of the hip.


They should be small and as thin as possible, bearing intramuscular fat to make them more juicy. The direction of the cut should be uniform, well into the hoof, or down. As a precaution, make sure the blade isn´t facing towards you.


Regardless of how long it takes to consume, the ham`s edge should always be kept clean, thus avoiding unnecessary crust with rancid flavor.
If put into storage, protect the area with some of the larger pieces of bacon and rind, removed from the top, so that the greasy surface always remains fresh.


The ham shouldn`t be eaten cold (loses taste), nor should be stored in refrigerators. If we really want to enjoy all the fullness of the ham´s flavor, instead of placing it on a cold plate or tray, serve it on a heated plate.