Iberico Shoulder

Iberico Shoulder, front legs from free range spanish pigs.

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  • Iberian Acorn Shoulder Hernandez Jimenez

    Delicious foreleg with a natural curation process of over 28 months

    . Obtained from the front legs (shoulders) of iberian pigs bred in liberty and exclusively fed on acorns.

    Each piece is carefully selected so it weights around 4 to 6 kilos. The result, juicy cherry red cuts with intense flavour and smell. Learn More

  • Acorn Fed Iberico Shoulder Ham P.D.O. Guijuelo Hernandez Jimenez

    Coming from the front legs of the Ibérico pig raised free range and fed an acorn-based diet.

    The main oleic acids of the acorns infiltrate the meat of this so very pure and singular species, native to our peninsula, during the acorn-rich montanera season.

    A range of exquisite aromas and flavours reached after more than 28 months i our natural cellars ,that give rise to some meat of unique quality

    Learn More


2 Item(s)

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