Acorn Fed Bellota iberico Ham P.D.O. Guijuelo


The exquisite Iberico acorn cured ham is ready for experiencing after 36/48 months minimum of curation in our natural drying places located in Guijuelo.

Obtained from free range iberian pigs fed exclusively with acorns from the iberian pastures where they live freely. This ham follows all iberian quality standars and has passed the most meticulous regulations extablised by Gijuelo P.D.O. including isotope and analitic controls. which guarantee that its the best ham that can possibly be purchased


  • Packaging & shipping The iberico Pata negra Ham is packaged in a cardboard box, wrapped in fat-absorbent paper with a cloth casing

  • caja jamón

  • Cut: Produced with the Hind Leg of free range pigs,Parte Jamón

  • Diet: Acorn iberico Ham exclusiveli fed during the montanera.

  • Colour:When cut it presents an apealing streaky shiny cherry colour

  • Texture: soft to the touch, low fibrous consistency without chewing

  • Expiry date: within 6 months after delivery. if the acorn fed iberico ham is stored in a dry and fresh place it will maintain the organical and microbiological carateristics, passed this time it can change this properties. .

  • Curing: More than 36/48 months of curation in our natural drying places

  • Breed purity: from 75% to 100%.

This iberico Ham follows the iberico spanish standars.

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Acorn Fed Bellota iberico Ham P.D.O. Guijuelo

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